Operation and implementation of Produit á Intérâts Décomposés (PID)

First, all conventional and current criteria within the credit system, such as personal contributions – the rate and duration of a loan, monthly payments and capitalization rate – is applied to the PID model.

The innovative and efficient quality behind PID lies in the fact that it uses a fixed rate like conventional credit, protecting the contracting party, and covering the full amount required by the borrower, with a safe investment transaction referred to as "good father", divorced from a credit transaction, the base of which is composed of sums called "incoming flow", such as personal contributions, annuities, and guarantee deposits.

Investments are placed in the capitalization account and generate logical interest. The financial product will ultimately provide a return for the borrower, minus the compensation for the financial institution’s management.

Finally, the term of the loan, the amounts that were the basis for capital invested in the account, will be fully refunded to the borrower.

PID allows for adaptability, taking into account each conventional criterion, reflecting a lack of capital or the desire for early repayment.